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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weather that time of year?

A: Warming air and water make March an ideal late winter and early spring getaway spot. The average air temperature in March is 70℉ (21℃) and the water temperature is around 68℉ (20℃) with plenty of sunshine and refreshing breeze as the island welcomes spring. (also see Go To Bermuda Weather).

Q: Can we use US currency?

A: Yes (it’s dollar for dollar exchange rate you can use US cash, and if you want US cash in return as change ensure you ask for it. Sometimes that can be accommodated).

Q: Can people who have physical disabilities attend the Walk to Calvary/participate?

A: Yes! There are a few steps for one of the locations but there is a ramp that is available at that location as well. The Walk goes from location to location – all on street level and those in wheelchairs could be pushed from place to place and we will endeavor to ensure those seated in wheelchairs can see the scenes.

Q: How do you dress for the Walk on Friday?

A: We suggest you wear comfortable shoes and bring water. The walk starts in the morning and lasts about 2 hours, so be prepared to stand during much of that time. The walking between locations/stops is.

Q: How long is the Walk /reenactment on Friday?

A: The walk lasts about 2 hours. However it’s not continuous walking. There is a 3 to 4 minute walk from scene to scene and the scenes are at stops which are historic sites/churches. so the reenactment of each scene takes part at a place where the crowd/audience will stop and watch the re-enactment. Each scene ranges from 5 minutes to 10 to 15 minutes or so. So there’s ample time to ‘rest on your feet’ and there are a few stops with places where some persons could sit as well.

Q: Is the price listed in the brochure for the hotel inclusive of the package for the events?

A: No, the hotel booking is done through Grotto Bay Beach Resort, The package to attend the various events can be obtained here on this site.

Q: Can I stay at other accommodations?

A: Yes, there are other hotels and air BNB’s in Bermuda. However Grotto Bay is the Host hotel and has offered a block of rooms at a discount for the attendees for the WTCE (Walk To Calvary Experience.) Given that. transportation to and from the activities and the starting point for many things will be from the Grotto Bay.

If You Have Additional Questions Please Contact One To The People On Our Contact Us Page